Social Enterprise Counselling

  • The Bridge Community Project is delighted to be in a position to offer funded counselling sessions to those who are involved in the Social Enterprise Sector from across West Lothian. We recognise that some people from across the sector may have reached a stage where they are suffering from burnout or an increased sense of anxiety, stress and depression. The Bridge is uniquely placed to have access to a network of counsellors and we would like to be the point of contact between you and a trusted qualified counsellor. We have limited spaces available and will work on a first come first served basis. We are in a position to fund 4 sessions per person. When you complete the form below we will pass this directly onto a qualified counsellor who will be in contact to organise your first session. The sessions will be done through the counsellor's own private work and not part of the Bridge Community Project.
  • We will assume we can phone you about counselling to this number.
  • We will assume we can email you about counselling to this address.
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