Stories are important

We all have a story – it’s what shapes and defines us. The Bridge is no different.

The story began when a group of local people wanted to make a difference to the everyday wellbeing of people across West Lothian. As they reflected on their own life struggles, and listened to the voices of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, certain key themes emerged. The foundations of financial and emotional well-being were laid.

It has long been accepted that when crisis moments arrive in life for people in the West Lothian area that many are forced to access help through services elsewhere or to seek it in the private (fee-paying sector). The Bridge seeks to bring these key services and the hope they provide closer to home.

In our story, however, we seek to be different – not so much in what we do, but in how we go about providing our services. Building on the principles of compassion, grace and love we seek to share the journey with our clients in order to see lasting hope and change.

Annual report 17/18
Impact report 17/18

our core values are clear

  • to be relational (ensuring our focus is always people not programmes or agendas)

  • to be inclusive (treating everyone equally with respect and dignity)

  • to aim for excellence (working to the highest possible standards in how we conduct relationships and how we use resources)

  • to be accessible (striving to ensure that everyone can access our services in ways that work best for them)

  • to work in partnership (working with others wherever possible)

meet our team

Alan Davidson
Alan DavidsonProject Director
Lesley Balaj
Lesley BalajFinancial Wellbeing Coordinator
Mandy Macdonald
Mandy MacdonaldMoney Advice Lead
Fiona MacLellan
Fiona MacLellanBridge Counselling Coordinator
Sarah Finegan
Sarah FineganWellbeing Administrator

our trustees

Ken Brown
Ken BrownTrustee - Chairperson
Dave Scott
Dave ScottTrustee - Secretary
Becky Choat
Becky ChoatTrustee
Paul Eunson
Paul EunsonTrustee - Treasurer
Ellie Abraham
Ellie AbrahamTrustee

With thanks to the following funder's for supporting our work.

       Hugh Fraser Foundation and JTH Charitable Trust