No. We will not use our money to pay your debts. We will put together a sustainable budget for you based on your income and your living expenses. Any money left over will be divided amongst your creditors based on the size of the debt you owe to them. We will then walk with you through the process.
We help anyone who is serious about sorting out their money problems. We are a charity with a Christian heart that will help anyone regardless of their religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.
No. All information that you share with our advisors will be kept confidential. We will only speak to your creditors (people who you have borrowed money from) with your permission and written authority.
Yes and no. You don’t have to take our advice but once you have agreed to pay back a certain amount to your creditors each month it is important that you stick to your agreement or let us know if you find you cannot pay.
We are unable to give advice on business debts. We can however suggest other agencies that can help you tackle your business debt problems. We are also willing to try to see if there is any other form of community based support that you might find helpful.