Stepping Stones is a group-based 7-week bereavement support programme for those who are living with loss.

Bereavement is a journey to be travelled and not an illness to be cured or a problem to be solved. Bereaved people need the companionship on that journey of those who understand loss and grief, and who can give reassurance and support as specific issues are faced. Experience shows there is more that is ‘normal’ in loss than otherwise. But we also know it’s hard for people to find that out in the isolation of their grief.

During the seven weeks of each programme, there will be an opportunity to look at the bereavement journey; health issues; caring for yourself; money matters; socialising; thinking ahead. Above all, Stepping Stones will offer an opportunity for you to relax with like-minded people and perhaps even find time to smile again.

The six week programme is open to:

  • all who are living with loss

  • there is no charge for participation

  • because of numbers, it may be necessary to limit participation to only two members from a family – but this can be discussed with us

  • There is no right time to come to Stepping Stones but our experience is that the programmes are best suited to those in their first year of loss

Bereavement Support Course starting soon

Our next online course starts on Thursday 20 May at 7pm.

Please contact Ken on 07736 662365 for more information or to register your interest.

Please contact us for more information.

Stepping Stones is an initiative of Livingston United Parish Church in partnership with the Bridge Community Project and Co-op Funeral Care in West Lothian.