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We seek to provide practical and relational support to families and individuals in West Lothian

As we do this we aim to be:

motivated by the pressures we see faced by our families, colleagues and neighbours
challenged by the gaps in much needed provision (not seeking to duplicate the work of others)
guided by the experience, expertise and resources we have available
inspired by the foundations of compassion, service and hope

Our work will involve

Making available practical and relevant information
providing specific practical help and support
offering opportunities to build friendships
raising the profile of the issues that undermine family and community

Our values reflect who we are and what we seek to do

Relational: ensuring our focus is always people not programmes or agendas
Inclusion: treating everyone equally with respect and dignity at all times (“welcome, wanted and worthy”)
Excellence: working to the highest possible standards in how we conduct relationships and how we use resources
Accessibility: striving to ensure that everyone is able to access our services in ways that work best for them
Partnership: working with others wherever possible

With thanks to the following funder’s for supporting our work.